ITE Russia
ITE Group in Russia

The history of development

Since 1991, when ITE first held a series of trade exhibitions in Russia in key sectors of the economy, the exhibition business has developed significantly. In the 1990s, the advertising market was just beginning to emerge in Russia and Internet technology was practically non-existent. During this period, ITE exhibitions were the most effective tool for developing business and attracting new partners. Then, as now, the importance of making direct personal contact with potential customers, and the ability to demonstrate products and services, could not be overestimated.

During its time on the Russian market, ITE’s reputation has strengthened, as the quality of its events has remained impeccably high, meeting international standards. Every year, ITE introduces new, innovative technologies into its organising processes, improves its methods of attracting professional visitors, and expands the territorial reach of its exhibitions and conferences on the Russian market.

Over the past decade, interest in exhibitions of international significance has increased considerably in a variety of Russian regions. New equipment, technologies, services and products are more and more in demand and, to a large extent, so are the exhibitions that promote them. As a consequence, ITE’s development strategy has expanded to include new regions and market sectors.