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24th International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for the Production and Processing of Crop Agricultural Products “YUGAGRO” was held on November 28 - December 1, 2017.

<p>Since November 28 to December 1, 2017, the 24th  International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for  the Production and Processing of Crop Agricultural Products &quot;YUGAGRO&quot;  was held in Krasnodar, in the ECC &quot;Expograd Yug&quot;. The organizer is  ITE.</p>
<pre>Аt YUGAGRO 679 companies from 35 countries and 38 regions of Russia presented the latest developments and the most demanded materials, equipment and technologies in the agro-industrial sector.</pre>
<p>Of the 679 exhibitors, more than 194 companies are the  debutants of the exhibition, who this year took part in Yugagro for the first  time. </p>
<p>The total exposition of the exhibition was 65,000  sq.m. Over 4 days of work, the exhibition was visited by 16,990 people from the  regions of Russia and the near abroad. </p>
<p>The opening ceremony of the YUGAGRO exhibition was  attended by: the head of the administration (governor) of the Krasnodar  Territory Veniamin Ivanovich Kondratyev, the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly  of the Krasnodar Territory Yury Burlachko, the Extraordinary and  Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Russian  Federation René Jones-Bos, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of  Sweden in the Russian Federation Peter Ericson and director of the separate  division of ITE Expo LLC in Krasnodar Telnova Elena Georgievna.</p>
<p>Veniamin Kondratyev stressed that the YUGAGRO  exhibition, the largest one in  Russia, is an additional impulse in the development of the agro-industrial  sector, where the best technology is assembled and advanced technologies are  presented. <br />
  &ldquo;We are ready to unite and work with everybody  who are focused on development, who put  business above politics. We are open to foreign companies that are ready to  place their production with us, to make equipment available to local  manufacturers, &rdquo;said Veniamin Kondratiev. <br />
  Yury Burlachko, in turn, noted the qualitative and  quantitative growth of the exhibition: &ldquo;Nearly three-quarters of the contracts  for the supply of equipment are concluded here at YUGAGRO. Our region has  always gravitated to technological innovations. I am glad that the Kuban has  not lost its leading position. We were in the lead in the field of agricultural  equipment a hundred years ago, and we are the first today. &rdquo;<br />
  According to Peter Erickson, the Swedish delegation,  which is currently visiting the Krasnodar Territory, is interested in  developing business relations with the region. &ldquo;We want to show that Sweden is  open for business with Russia, we plan to find, among other things, new  contacts at this exhibition,&rdquo; the Swedish Ambassador to the Russian Federation  noted.</p>
<p>Rene Jones-BOS thanked  the authorities of the region and the organizers of the exhibition for the  invitation to participate in the event, noting that Kuban occupies a strong  position in agriculture in Russia, as the Netherlands – in the European Union.  &quot;There are 20 Dutch companies at YUGAGRO, they represent agricultural  equipment, and we will be glad to cooperate with colleagues from the Krasnodar  region,&quot; the Ambassador said.<br />
  <strong>Business program</strong></p>
<p>On November 28 at  the plenary session &quot;Export potential of the Russian agro-industrial  complex: opportunities and risks&quot; representatives of the Ministry of  agriculture of the Russian Federation, administration of Krasnodar region,  grain Union, Russian export center and other experts discussed promising areas  of agricultural exports.</p>
<p>At the meeting,  the Vice-Governor of the Krasnodar region Andrei Box warned that the Kuban  grain producers are waiting for the fall in profitability, which will lead to  overproduction, and stressed that further development is impossible without  export potential. Storage can reduce risks and at least partially solve the  problem of overproduction: the capacity of elevators in the region can store up  to 12.7 million tons at a time. Another way out of the situation may be  diversification of production. According to the Deputy General Director of LLC  &quot;oil Extraction plant South of Russia&quot; Sergey Kamenetsky, it is  necessary to reorientate the cultivation of other crops, more profitable and  popular, for example, oilseeds. According to the Deputy Director of the Department  of crop production of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation  Denis Pospekhov, the authorities see the relationship between state support and  the growth of agricultural production and are ready to support exporters. In  particular, the Russian export center provides assistance to producers entering  foreign markets. In addition to insurance, credit subsidies and education, the  organization is introducing new types of assistance. According to Nikita  Gusakov, managing Director for client work and underwriting of JSC Russian  export center, in 2017 the center began to offer co-financing of exhibition  activities, took up the organization of targeted business missions promoting  Russian products. Also, transport subsidies have been launched-so far this  measure applies only to the far Eastern direction, and in the future it should  be transferred to other regions.</p>
<p>  On the same day  participants of the conference &quot;State, problems and prospects of  development of vegetable growing and horticulture in Russia&quot; discussed the  status of fruit and vegetable production, the competitiveness of domestic  fruits and vegetables, the main problems in the market of vegetable and fruit  growing, stimulating the creation of contemporary vegetables and podobrannim,  innovative technologies and perspective directions of development of vegetable  industry and fruit-growing. Their reports were presented: Director of the  Department of Economics and state support of agriculture of the Ministry of  agriculture of the Russian Federation Natalia Chernetsov, Deputy Director of  the Analytical center of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation  Sergey Kosogor, Chairman of the Council of the Association &quot;Growers  Kuban&quot;, Director of &quot;green thumb&quot; Victor Kurpitko and others. The  event is organized by the national fruit and vegetable Union.</p>
<p>  On November 28,  the Ministry of agriculture and processing industry of Krasnodar region,  PhosAgro-Region and Rostselmash signed an agreement on cooperation in the  development of agricultural technologies.</p>
<p>  Under the  agreement, the parties plan to combine efforts in the field of scientific  agronomic research and design work aimed at the development and implementation  of agricultural technologies in the Krasnodar region, taking into account the unique  climatic and soil conditions and priority crops. The partners also agreed to  inform the farmers of the region about the opportunities and prospects of  practical use of the results of joint work under this agreement.</p>
<p>  The first step  will be the creation of an integrated approach to the development of  agricultural technologies with a guaranteed economic effect for farmers. In  2017-2019, PhosAgro-Region and Rostselmash plan to send about 60 million rubles  for research in the Krasnodar region.</p>
<p>  On November 29 in the framework of the  exhibition &quot;YUGAGRO&quot; Krasnodar region and the company  &quot;EuroChem&quot; signed a cooperation agreement for 2018. The agreement is  aimed at information and consulting cooperation of the parties in the field of  chemicals and agrochemical services.</p>
<p>  In particular,  EuroChem will supply fertilizers to Kuban agricultural producers at  preferential prices in 2018. The company will also expand the range of  chemicals suitable for use in agricultural production of the region. &quot;Good  harvests are the key to the stability of our region. In many ways, they depend  on the quality of agricultural work, the quality of applied fertilizers. It is  important that they are available to all farmers. EuroChem as one of the  strategic partners of our region can provide excellent quality at an affordable  price&quot;, – commented on the signing of the document the Minister of  agriculture and processing industry of Kuban Fedor Derek.</p>
<p>  November 30, the  development of regional agriculture discussed at the conference &quot;the state  of the agro-industrial complex of Krasnodar region in modern conditions.&quot;  The event was attended by Vice-Governor Andrew Box, Chairman of the Krasnodar  regional branch of RSPP Viktor Budarin, representatives of government and  business.<br />
  As noted by Andrei  Korobok, the priority direction in the agricultural sector of the region today  is the deep processing of agricultural products with the further prospect of  increasing non-resource exports. &quot;The current high yields are our export  potential. But not only in terms of raw materials. It is necessary to export  with new products of processing – those that are in demand in the world market.  Therefore, the processing industry in the Kuban region today comes to the  fore&quot;, - said the Deputy head of the region.<br />
  Also during the  conference, the participants discussed the planning of the economy in the  agricultural sector. &quot;The basis of the planned economy can be The law on  crop rotation, which approves the area of sowing of each culture. This is the  only way to calculate the efficiency of the economy and control who and how  much grows,&quot; Andrei Korobok concluded.<br />
  The exhibition  &quot;YUGAGRO&quot; is supported by the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian  Federation, the administration of Krasnodar region, the Ministry of agriculture  and processing industry of Krasnodar region, the administration of the  municipality of Krasnodar, IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH (Germany).<br />
  <br />
  KLAAS is a  strategic sponsor of the exhibition.<br />
  The General  partner of the exhibition is Rostselmash.</p>