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23rd international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies was held April 17-19, 2018 

On April 19 this year, the 23rd international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies "TransRussia" (TransRussia/TransLogistica) completed its work in the Russian capital. A single stand was presented by the Association "BAMAP" and Belarusian international road carriers – a total of 32 companies, and only three of them participated in the exhibition in absentia.

On the first day 19 Belarusian transport companies presented their opportunities at the stand Of the Association "BAMAP". Later they were joined by OOO "Avtoinvest", SOOO "Proliv" LTD "the BIG TRAIL", SOOO "Beltransoil", "Ratipa", "DeltaCredit", JSC "MAZ", JSC "BARTRES", PE "Speaks", UE "Bereavement". In absentia, with his presentation materials were provided to the company "safe-Trak", "Genty-spedishn", "belmagistralavtotrans". Three days of the stand are dozens of business meetings and negotiations. And even-the first transportation for new customers. In addition, at the stand Of the Association "BAMAP" meetings were held with the head of the representative Office of the International road transport Union (IRU) in Eurasia Dmitry Cheltsov; President of ESTELO, Director General of the Union of transport workers of Kazakhstan "KAZLOGISTICS" Kanat Almagambetov; President of the Lithuanian national Association of road carriers "LINAVA" Erlandas Mikenas and members of the Presidium of "LINAVA" Oleg Tarasov and Anatoly ashmankevich; President of the Association of international road transport carriers of Moldova (AITA) Mikhail usat.

Business activity on the stands Of the Association "BAMAP" and other participants of "TransRussia" continued until the closing of the Expo-forum, which in recent years, I must say, shows steady growth. In 2018, the TransRussia exhibition moved to another pavilion of the Crocus Expo International exhibition center, and occupied one large hall. According to the organizers, 394 companies from 26 countries took part in the exhibition, while 345 companies from 27 countries took part in 2017. Geography, as can be seen, slightly narrowed, but for the first time in the "TransRussia"-2018 were represented by such large countries and markets as Mongolia and Iran. By the way, their national stands were marked by the organizers of the Expo-forum as "The best debut among foreign companies" and "the Best representation of the national exposition", respectively. In addition, the international forum "transit Mongolia 2018", along with the conference "one belt – one road: opportunities and challenges of the Express train "China-Russia/Europe", has become one of the most prominent business events from the exhibition participants.

In the framework of the 23rd international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies "TransRussia" were widely presented services for the transport of goods by road, rail, water and air transport. At the same time, it was noted that road transport is considered the most mobile and flexible way of cargo transportation. And also-the leader at the most comfortable prices, at least in the last three years. In addition, this year the exhibition brought together companies offering cargo handling services in terminals and ports, insurance services, IT solutions in the field of transport and logistics.

Currently, information technology is considered one of the main tools of modernization in the transport sector. Perhaps that is why IT solutions for transport and logistics have become one of the key topics of the business program of the Expo forum. For the first time, it lasted three exhibition days and was very busy. In the business agenda "TransRussia"-2018 was listed four conference – one of them is the 23rd international conference for cargo owners, logistics providers and carriers, "TransRussia", which according to the tradition, discuss the latest trends in the development of transportation, the state of the Russian and international market of transport and logistics services. As for innovations in the field of transport, a discussion session was devoted to this topic: "how does digitalization contribute to the safety of goods?".

Within the framework of the presentation zone of the Expo-forum, innovative solutions in the field of automation of road transportation and transport and logistics management from software developers and creators of electronic "logistics platforms"were presented. Moderators of discussions in the interview Studio of Russian Railways-partner "Open conversation" decided to look even further into the future: there was a discussion of blockchain technologies and prospects of their application in logistics and transport.

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